Moving Services

Residential Moving

Snow's Affordable Moving Co. of Southern California provides local residential moving & relocation services at affordable rates.

We employ friendly and experienced movers that take pride in providing the customer an efficient and stress-free move. 

We provide moving services to and from apartments, households, and storage  facilities. Whether you desire full-service packers and movers or just a  few heavy items moved out of your residence, Snow's  will effectively take  care of all your moving needs! 

*The definition of a local move is a move from the point of origin to the destination within 100 miles or less*

Cash hourly rates starting at $89.95 (*plus fuel charge) for 2 professional movers & a truck (per hour).  Time starts at your door.


Commercial Moving

Snow's has provided  relocation services to a multitude of businesses in southern California.  Our highly trained moving specialists can develop an efficient plan to fit your relocation criteria.

We specialize in:
office equipment
Corporate offices
warehouse relocation

Relocating a business can be a daunting task and here at Snow's we try to make it as seamless as possible.  Our newest driver has been with us for over 15  years and we only use our own guys so you can be confident that your movers will have the expertise to get your belongings to your new destination safely and efficiently.


Mobile Storage in Transit Units

 Maybe you closed on your home sooner than you thought and need to quickly leave your old home, or your new place isn’t ready for a few days or even months. 

At Snow's, we provide cost-effective mobile storage in transit units up to 30 feet when your goods must be temporarily stored before being unloaded at the final destination.  Call us today at (714)  744-8474 to find out more information and to speak with one of our experts.  


Full-Service Junk Removal

 We also specialize in affordable junk removal moving services so that you don’t have to lift a finger!  When you use us, we handle all the heavy-lifting, loading, hauling, and disposing.  

Call us today at (714) 744-8474 to find out more information and to speak with one of our specialists.   


Piece-Rate Moving

We offer professional piece rate moving services.  The definition of a PIECE is an article that can be handled as a single unit not including assembly or disassembly of an item.

0-10 miles $99 for 1st piece + $39 for each additional piece 

11-20 miles $199 for 1st piece + $39 for each additional piece

21-30 miles $249 for 1st piece + $39 for each additional piece

31-40 miles $299 for 1st piece + $39 for each additional piece 

41-50 miles $379 for 1st piece + $39 for each additional piece

*2nd floors or stairs add $25 per piece 

*if a piece is more than 75 pounds or is a bulky article it will be considered as two pieces

                                                       *rates in this category are based on cash price


Full-Service Packing Services

 At Snow's we understand that packing smart is necessary - it can minimize stress and overall moving expenses when you are fully packed and ready to go on the day of the move. 

Our packing professionals can provide personalized packing services to you, whether you need a little packed or an entire home, we can get the job done right.

Call us today at (714) 744-8474.